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Who We Are

Robert Lewis, CFA is the founder and Managing Director of Singapore-based Novatera Capital Pte Ltd. and US-based Novatera Capital LLC. Novatera Capital Pte Ltd was the investment manager of the Hidden Jewels Fund, a fund focused on Asian smaller companies.

Mr. Lewis was an Adjunct Associate Professor at NUS Centre for Asset Manangement Research & Investments (CAMRI) from 2012 to 2014, and currently lectures on “Fundamental Investing in Asia” as part of CAMRI’s g-CAPM programme in applied portfolio management. He is a member of the advisory council to CAMRI .

Mr. Lewis holds a Bachelors degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He joined the investment industry as an Electronics Equity Research Analyst with HSBC James Capel & Company in Hong Kong in 1994 and has had various senior roles in Asian equities including Head of Asian Smaller Companies Research with SG Securities in Hong Kong, Managing Director Global Technology Research with SG Cowen in Boston and Head of Asia ex Japan Technology Research with JPMorgan in Hong Kong. Mr. Lewis earned the Chartered Financial Analyst designation in 1997.

Investment Process

Our investment process is based on uncovering companies that can deliver growth in earnings and cash flows. To that end, we have developed proprietary models to  systematically map changes in balance sheet strength.

We believe that by focusing on balance-sheet movements and forecasting the sources and uses of cash, we can gain a more complete understanding of our investments.

Robert Lewis has used this approach to identify smaller companies since he joined the industry in 1994. At Novatera, we use our “balance-sheet centric” models as part of the hands-on investment process that involves company visits and industry due diligence.We also use risk models to measure correlations of each investment to the market and the other stocks in the portfolio as part of our risk management process


Hidden Jewels was awarded ‘Best Small
and Mid Cap Fund’ in the AsiaHedge Awards

Hidden Jewels was awarded ‘Best Asia
ex-Japan Fund’ in the Asian Investor 2007
Achievement Awards.

Hidden Jewels was awarded ‘Best Small
and Mid Cap Fund’ in the AsiaHedge Awards



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